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Michael Sep 19, 2015
Ninjutsu · In studio
Verified Student

Very positive experience, Stephen is knowledgeable in the art and a clear instructor.


Karen Jul 6, 2015

Self Defense · In studio

I was a little nervous going into Stephen’s class. I didn’t know what to expect or how I would fit in with the levels of the other students. But As the class began I quickly realized I was right where I needed to be. Stephen teaches skills I can apply to real life situations with a skillfulness that leaves me feeling confident and informed. I could tell his other students felt the same way and it’s an investment that paid off in more ways than I could have thought! Thank you Stephan!


Ken Jul 14, 2015
Krav Maga · In studio

Stephen is an great teacher. He is very knowledgeable on martial arts and makes learning self defense fun. He takes his time and ensure each student understands the techniques taught. Also advises which techniques will best work for each student. I definitely look forward to learning more from him!!


Teel Jul 13, 2015
Krav Maga · In studio

Stephen was extremely prepared for the lesson, had a wide range of skills to draw from and excellent communication skills- explaining clearly what I was to do and showed me in detail how to achieve the result he was talking about. I felt extremely confident after the lesson that I could use the skills he taught me without hesitation. On top of that, he had a pleasant and even (appropriately) jovial manner that kept me from being intimidated by the material. I plan to study more with him and would highly recommend anyone interested in serious study contact him.


Shuiken Jul 12, 2015
Self Defense · In studio

Stephen is a great instructor. His abilities and extensive knowledge is clearly undeniable. He is responsive to each student’s individual needs. He is extremely patient and kind in his approach to teaching his students which I really appreciated. I would highly recommend Stephen every time!


Anne Jul 9, 2015
Krav Maga · In studio

Great classes! Stephen is really knowledgeable about martial arts and works closely with students to teach specific techniques in a way that is easily understandable for both beginners and students who have been training for years. I’d definitely recommend this instructor!


Dawnn Jul 9, 2015
Self Defense · In studio

Stephen is a great instructor. He was very patient and takes the time to listen to each student as well as their individual needs. He’s able to adjust the lesson to your needs. I’ve even learned recently as I’m now pregnant that I can still take classes for things like getting out of holds ect that are very useful. I’ve enjoyed the classes thus far and feel I’ve learned a lot, as well as got a great workout. I highly suggest you give it a shot! It’s all levels and will keep you interested!


Onique Jul 7, 2015
Self Defense · In studio

I absolutely love your lessons. I have learned so much its unbelievable. I am able to defend myself in any circumstance, whether its being held at gunpoint, being choked, being held up into the corner , or even a person stealing my electronic devices. You are a reality based instructor, and that’s why as a female I’m able to defend myself.